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Re-Purpose, Re-Use

Wall Tree: Simple use of old pieces of wood

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The world’s first washing-up liquid bottle made from reclaimed ocean plastic is to go on sale in UK supermarkets later this month.

The green cleaning brand Ecover will use the launch of its new Ocean Bottle washing-up liquid to highlight the long-term dangers of dumping plastic in the sea, which is killing fish on a large scale and threatening global ecosystems.

Ecover, a Belgian company, has been working with manufacturer Logoplaste to combine plastic trawled from the sea with a plastic made from sugarcane (which it calls Plant-astic) and recycled plastic, in what it is hailing as a world-first for packaging.

More: Washing-up liquid bottle made from ocean plastic aims to clean up seas | Environment | The Guardian



Instead of just using pallets as a bed frame, add lights to them! Look at how it changes the lighting! 

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Every September and October, a “hole” of varying size emerges in Earth’s ozone layer over Antarctica, an effect of a buildup of ozone-depleting human-made chemicals high in the atmosphere. Now that levels of these chemicals are declining as a result of international agreements put in place decades ago, scientists predict that the annual ozone hole is poised to begin a shrinking trend.

Learn more about this Science Bulletin.

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What happens to your beer can after you recycle it? Here’s What Happens To Your Beer Can After You Recycle It

Surprisingly interesting step-by-step breakdown!

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The blooming of an Amorphophallus titanum (AKA corpse flower AKA titan arum) at The Huntington Library last week inspired me!

If you think humans jump through a lot of hoops just to reproduce, check out this plant. It waits 7-10 years, storing up starch in a giant tuber, just so it can bloom for a single day. Then it pretends to be a hunk of rotting meat to attract insect pollinators. Then, months later, it switches tactics to a produce a sweet fruit so birds will disperse it’s seeds.

If you have never smelled a titan arum but for some odd reason you would like to … you are in … luck? Scientists have identified the exact malodorous chemicals that come off these strange flowers to attract pollinators - so you can create the scent at home!*

*please, for your own sake, don’t try this at home.

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Why (and How) Do Bees Make Honey?

Quick Questions explains how some bees can transform flower nectar into the liquid gold that you use to sweeten your tea.

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